Lazer Evolution F1. 3rd European Championships 2005 and 2006. Hull: glass, kevlar, epoxy sandwich panel. Thrust: Polaris 800 twin (140 bhp). Lift: Fuji 250 single. It’s a pretty quick craft, fairly light and really good to drive. Hull could be suitable for F2 if someone wants a project.

Complete craft 3500 ono

Will consider splitting:

Hull: 1750 (hull, skirt, fuel tank, thrust fan frame, pulleys, thrust blades & hub, steering, thrust guard)

Thrust engine: 1400 (engine, carbs, electrics, exhaust)

Lift setup: 350 (engine, exhaust, duct, blades, hub & adapter, guard)

Contact: Paul Hibbard Tel: 07900 691774 Email: paulhibbard “at”