Hello...first post.

finally a google found reference to the hovercrafts i have.

Having been interested in hover vehicles since young,even designing a vehicle for a school tech drawing project,had led me to keep that interest alive through my other passion of collecting and restoring vintage cars.

In the collecting process around 25 years ago I acquired 3 Hatton and Bass Ltd. hovercrafts...2 tridents and later on, a midget.

All in reasonably good condition but missing actual lifting blades.i had one original motor and since picked up a number of replacement motors.

I had the original motor rebuilt but due to my time spent on my vintage cars never did make any lifting blades which were simply mower style blades with appropriate pitch for lifting..i believe.

Now due to my doctor wishing to remove my lungs in 3 to 5 years...[i still find that hard to believe,hoping to prove him wrong,] I am forcing myself to sell off my vast collection of unrestored vintage cars.

That decision may or may not include my hovercrafts as they are at least small,storable and movable,

but my question is as personal single person hovercrafts go are they worth hanging on to as usable hovercrafts or are they really only collector items.

They may be the only thing left I will be capable of restoring over the next few years other than my messerschmitt 3 wheeler...but I may find the end result dissapointing....what are your thoughts.

i dont know how many were made or indeed were brought into Australia...and what year were they produced.And if I had to sell them how much interest would be in them?

Ive had many people wanting to buy them off me over the years but mostly motorbike type people who were really what I considered the thrash and bash types.

any advice or stories or contacts appreciated.

cheers Aussie