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Thread: Plans for basic design needed

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    Default Plans for basic design needed

    Hi All

    Firstly happy new year!

    I'm new to this forum, but not entirely new to the world of hovercraft having built a model years ago, and also looked at building a full size one.

    I work for 3 months every year in Myanmar on the Irrawaddy river, and have come to the conclusion that a hovercraft would be ideal here.

    The river at this time of year is slow moving with large sandbanks. Normal boats struggle to navigate on it due to the water level constantly dropping and the position of the sandbanks changing.

    I'd like to build a basic hovercraft for use here. It would have to be basic as the availability of specific parts 'in country' will be next to impossible.

    Wood,metal, japanese car engines(mostly old Toyotas/Nissans/Mazdas etc) are readily available, and labour is relatively cheap.

    I assume the fan set up would have to be brought into the country , but it can't be impossible to fabricate the rest..can it?

    I work for a Balloon company here in Bagan, and we have a large crew who would be delighted to participate in a build project. Some are trained carpenters and car mechanics, and I'm sure we'd discover other hidden talents on the way!

    The river itself is one of the biggest in Asia, and I'm sure there is great potential for a larger craft on the river, but as importing anything is difficult(sanctions) then at least at first, it needs to be a homebuilt craft. Whilst we'd be looking just for a fun craft, the potential is there to for further development.

    I'd appreciate any comments and advice!

    But please note that I don't want to get into a slanging match as to whether I should or shouldn't be working in Myanmar! It's a very complicated situation here, not helped by the UK/US press and governments' attitude...



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    Default Re: Plans for basic design needed

    Hi Andy

    Have a look at this site

    The sev prospector craft would do the job lots of room inside and its made from foam sheets and f/glass

    all the best


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