The craft has been running well till this last trip to the damb.

We went for 10 days to the damb for a short break, spent some bucks getting the craft ready and was not disappointed.

Besides the belt comming of due to a loose nut, no damage luckily but a mission to get some help to tow me back, craft floated well too.

On the third last day I took my nephew for a spin, with the new rudders the craft does nice dounuts and we had great fun, the water was a little restless but the craft just lapped it up and we were flying, I felt good and opened her up. We then passed some friends of mine and them being in a speed boat wanted to see how fast we were going, so 180 and back to chase, we got up to speed in no time and got into there wake, I backed off just a little to negotiate the wave, as we crested it we lost all lift and ploughed in heavy, I felt the loss and gunned it but it did'nt help, SMACK and the sound of ripping fibreglass.

Riped the stearing out, the one whole side folded up and several pickets came loose.

I got to land streight away, and found a hole broken out of the bottom of the hull, in the middle, funny enough. Two blades had cracks down neer the tips for about 5cm and damage to the duct where they hit.



I want to put a seperate lift engine and fan in the front.

What HP engin and what fan do I need, I have a 503 thrust with 850mm duct.

Any sugestions, donations and revolations welcome. (in other words, you got any c**p that could help that you do not want any more, send it, TO ME)