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Thread: Kohler advice please?

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    Default Kohler advice please?

    Hi Guys,

    new member here...please don't shout if this is in the wrong forum!

    I've recently bought a 'DIY-built' hovercraft off Ebay and it looks like it was built from the same plans that I got from The Hovercraft Club some years ago (but I didn't get around to building it and now I can't find the plans for some reason!).

    It looks in good condition underneath, paintwork still intact, etc, but the top deck has a couple of holes in it, a bit of rot, and the paint has flaked off.

    I've stripped it down, removed one of the deck panels and it looks good inside.

    The skirt pockets are mostly OK, a couple are split and maybe a couple more need renewing.

    I've stripped down the engine and would like some advice on getting a couple of parts if possible?

    It's a Kohler 250-1AM 2-stroke and a Google search indicated that it's a 220cc 18HP model(?).

    The contact points have a broken return spring and the advance/retard (?) also has a broken return spring (but a pattern one may do the job there).

    One of the starter bob-weights is rusted solid on its pivot and I have a feeling it'll crack when I try to ease it loose.

    The flywheel/dynamo (?) is marked as a Bosch POS1V (?).

    A google search found lots of places in the USA that have Kohler points & spark plugs but I think that these are for the later 4-strokes...any idea what the part numbers are for each of these items or where I might get them in Europe?

    Also, does anyone have a service manual that I might buy?

    The pull-cord doesn't rewind fully and it may have a broken spring although it does rewind about a foot, so it may just be dislodged. Unfortunately I can't get the thing apart..

    I've taken out the bolt in the middle of the bob-weights but the 'spinner' part doesn't come out, it does jiggle up and down a bit but it doesn't move more than a millimetre or so.

    I've taken out the eight small nuts around where the cord winds up but the alloy ring doesn't want to move and I don't want to force it as it looks a bit flimsy. Should this come out?

    I took it down to the local lawnmower repair shop last weekend but they have no parts for it...they're all Honda! I could pop into the local motorcyle shop next Saturday to see if he can suggest anything that might suit...

    Can anyone here suggest anything please?



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    Default Re: Kohler advice please?

    Try Hancocks of Redditch, they do most Kohler spares

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    Default Re: Kohler advice please?





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