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    Hello Everyone

    My name is Stuart and I am about to build my first hovercraft! (I hope)....

    But first I would really appreciate some advice. I have started by buying some plans from the internet (ebay) to see what is involved. But where could I test my craft when it is finished? Will I need insurance? Is there anyone in Kent who could help me out when it's ready to go? It's a project I am going to complete with my dad, we are both completely unexperienced and would appreciate any help our nudges in the right direction that the community has to offer. I hope to be launching within 12 months....

    Many Thanks


    Sittingbourne, KENT, UK

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    Default Re: Introduction to new member

    Hi Stuart,

    Welcome to the board.

    First you need to decide what you are going to do with your Hovercraft?

    Will it be inland racing or coastal cruising use or a mix of the two that is F35.

    You can buy a secondhand craft (be very careful) or just a hull and build it up or build from a set of good plans the Sevtec cruising craft are quiet and very efficient ideal for estruary use, have a look at John Robertsons website.

    If racing is your interest then a good place to start is to view

    Its got some great photos and footage of racing.

    For Cruising information and craft choice there is Ian Brooks excellent introduction found here

    The South East Branch consists of Cruisers and Racers and meets in Aylesford near Maidstone.

    Please E-mail me to get on the contact list.

    Kind regards


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