it was good to see a decent crowd at claydon dispite the weather. thanks to all those who did the business

talking to long standing members about when BP used to be involved(fuel sponsorship i think?) there used to be many more members than the club has now.

as a new member from last season i wonder what the reasons for a decline might be as (generally speaking) there are significant numbers of adults with more expendable income now than say 20 years ago and ameteur motor sport partisipation is certainly a growth area. for example bike and car track days invariably get booked up solid resulting in overcrowding on sessions.

from my own perspective - i got interested because i heard about an event, went to see, found that people would talk to strangers if they showed interest and decided to give it a bash. i dont think thats uncommon at all. i would expect that any "unconnected" potential newcomer would use this route in.

should we be doing more to promote events? maybe advertise on billboards on the three local towns before each event. maybe get a feature in moter bike/ car mags. maybe invite spice along?

maybe the scout movement as team projects? maybe some lotto funding for a few sponsored junior teams from "disadvantaged" partisipants?

maybe it's all been done before???

is it that we cannot cope with crowds? even if entry is free?