Hi to All

My brother and myself have been thinking of building a Hovercraft for some time now, we have been looking at plans and have came across the Eagle 3 so we orderd them up. I see on the plans that 35Mph is max speed is this normal or is it a Conservative measure I was expecting it to faster. After reading lots I have alot of Questions in my head.

I will list a few of them below hoping on some advice to point us in the correct direction.

1) Is this the corect model for us ? as we intend on using on land , Rivers and lough's

2) if so what engine is best suited? I see that the plans suggest a AX 1.4 gt engine, I have a rover 1.4 16v K series and all electrics is this suitable? or is a large bike engine better

3) do I need to adjust the plans for a lift engine if so What engine would do the job?

4) Is there any mods that need to be thought of at this stage eg skirt design and so on.

5) also what is the craft like for plough in or can this be made better by any mods.

6) how important is weight on a craft

I have a thousand and one questions I would like to ask but maybe this will get the ball rolling.

Thanks in advance