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Thread: Vibrating belt

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    Its not the problem i possibly had? which David correctly guessed.

    Are you running a flexi coupling? i had a problem where the flexi coupling was causing bounce, and preventing the second cylinder from firing correctly.

    A quick further pull on the starter usually resolves the issue.It did for me

    With regards to vibration.

    I had a belt which had some vibration / slack and decided to fix it (after having a very good weekends racing)

    I re tensioned the belt, by adding washers under the bottom plate, and it was disastrous, the belt wandered and came off the back of the pulley. Wrecked the pulley, and the belt. Turns out my re tensioning had affected the alignment of the pulleys/ shafts

    I ordered a new belt, repaired the pulley, and reset the belt making sure both drive shafts were parallel and aligned, and not over tensioned.

    I now have some vibration at tickover revs, but under load its fine.

    I used a straight edge clamped onto the back face of the upper pulley to set the vertical plane for the back edge of the lower pulley. i then inserted a tapered shim in my case to alight the pulleys in the horizontal plane. this stopped the belt from wandering excessively


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    Default Re: Vibrating belt

    Yes it's flexi coupling.

    I'm using K&M's 'lower pulley/bearing block', on a K&M frame so I'm confident it's aligned

    I will try putting another washer on the bolts first, and the pulling the starter again. I'm pretty sure both cylinders are firing - it sounds ok in that sense.

    under load it's worse. I'm assuming the belt is stretching slightly and so has more slack in it.

    I'm going to try it out tomorrow morning - bring on the weekend!

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