I took the hovercraft of the trailer today, as I had no success in selling it. I decided to give it a check over to make sure every thing was where it is supposed to be. And I found something under the craft I thought I had lost forever. I found my <font size="6"><font color="orange">mojo[/COLOR][/COLOR] I must have trapped him under there at the end of last season poor little fellow he was so glad to see me he jumped right up give me a gob full told me to get my head out of my a*** and get on with prepping the hovercraft ready for this season so as of today <font color="orange"><font size="4">mojo[/COLOR][/COLOR] restored! 503 ready f1x almost there. ps someone needs to bring bloody big scales as neither the craft or driver have been on a diet since the last time weighing took place craft 170kg+ driver now over half that.