Moulds for manufacturing MAD Hovercraft for sale!

Anyone interested in MAD hovercraft further manufacture?

More about MAD hovercraft model at

We plan to sell complete set of moulds for manufacture MAD hovercraft. Set of moulds includes all necesary moulds for manufacture composite hovercraft components:

- upper hull mould

- air canal mould

- plenum chamber mould

- center seat console mould

- 920 mm duct mould

- left and right flow straightor moulds

- aeroynamic rudder mould

Condition of moulds is good, so far it was manufacture about 30- 40 MAD hovercrafts and we still manufacture some, and are still able to manufacture more than 100 crafts with no problem.

Moulds are about 4 years old. Reason of selling is that we have new projects ahead and MAD manufacture takes to many time from me, so I am simply too short on time on other project.

Location of moulds - Slovenia (not Slovakia)

Asked price - at least for the price of material and work or best offer if more people are interested in.

Contact, Cell +386-41-633-656 Alex, mail: