Hello all

Its been quite a while since I last posted but that dose not mean that I have forgot about hovers or not popped back here to check what's been going on from time to time.

I have collected a few bits and bobs. A Suzuki Swift GTI 1.3 engine thats only 30kg with the rad and fluid but puts out 100hp!I don't need all that for what I have in mind but if I lose the ecu and tone it down with a couple of simple carbs and use a dizzy with points

I hope still to get 60hp out of it. I live in a world of hope its the only thing that keeps me going sometimes!!!

Anyway back to the topic of this post, could anybody tell me how much spectators have to pay and what the times are for the events?

Thanks in advance for your help and info.

Best wishes and good luck to all the racers at Gang Warily.

PS: It is great where I live for hovers, I have the hovpod factory behind us and they are all ways zipping about and Griffon are right near us and even have phoned us back to let us know when there are movements going on!! What a great bunch of people and some of the craft we have seen taxiing are fantastic and my son is even more interested (if that's possible)after seeing fire,police,army,navy and custom's!!!