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Thread: Sweden via Ryanair

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    Default Sweden via Ryanair

    For those of you hoping to travel out to Sweden via Ryanair this week the online check-in computer is (I quote Ryanair) "experiencing a few problems". For Chris Barlow and I the probs were the second passenger could be any european nationality except UK and the lack of a submit button on the page. Solution seems to be ring Ryanair on 0905 566 0000 (at 1 per min), check in with them then check in at the airport 2 hrs before flight(free of charge they said!)

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    Default Re: Sweden via Ryanair

    Just got back from shooting a wedding in Ireland on thursday.

    Flew Ryanair. Won't ever make that mistake gain.

    Tho i checked in 3 hours before my flight and sat at the departure gate for 90 minutes before the flight, they left it til 15 minutes before to tell me my case had been held at the x-ray machine.

    As a result, i missed my flight (the 'problem' turned out to be a big standard dry cell camera no problem and quite 'legal')and the punchline? They then charged me 250Euros to get on the next flight.

    So, basically, I'm off to court with the thieving, useless ******'s who won;t refund me.

    Just a warning. be careful.

    And no Ewan, thats not libellous, just reporting the facts.


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