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    Hello Guys,

    We are Hovercraftrental, the Commercial Company that operates passengers, hire, rental, corporate and so on in the UK.

    I think it would be useful to explain the MCA Certification system to you as there seems to be a few misunderstandings.

    Fistly the MCA do not " BASIC SAFETY CODE" a hovercraft. They are Air Cushion Vehicles and come under the DYNAMICALLY SUPPORTED CRAFT CERTIFICATION. The similarity between a rib and hovercraft doesnt come into the equation at all. They come under their own special regs.

    Secondly the craft has to comply to a standard of manufacture recognised by the MCA. In the past there have been Civil Aviation Construction Certificates and now there is the HSC 2006.

    In order to comply with any of these , it would be impossible for a small craft built since say 1995 to meet the regulations. Firewalls between engine,tank, auto fire safety sytems, materials used, fuel type and fuel tank constuction and so on. The list is endless and then you need more.

    Then you need to get the pilot through a certification.

    Our pilots are type approved, and MCA tested through examination and practical flight testing. They hold BMLs specific to Passenger carrying in DSC ACV

    Then you require Safety documents through survey, and compliance to the new regulations.

    THEN you can apply for an operators permit for a specific area to carry passengers when you have local permissions, conservation documents, health and safety docs and so on.

    Well thats a basic outline into the UK System and the EU is the same as they use the MCA DSC Class 6.

    We have done it all and now operate for passengers on the North Wales Coast and in a turn of fate, are returning the service back to Rhyl in 2009 some 47 years later. We also operate at events all over the place. If you need further regulatory info, call or contact me via the webpage

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