have managed to weigh the craft as best as possible and found a few other specs if required:

Craft without fuel and no extras = 381Kg

(using the bathroom scales in each corner method)

+ 25L of fuel = 18Kg

+ mats = 7Kg

+ bits and pieces =2Kg

Total craft weight = 408Kg

+ 40yr old bloke = 86Kg brings it upto 494Kg

Length 3.3m

Width 1.8m (although narrows at front)

Duct 840mm

Splitter distance 25 - 35mm

Tip 10 - 15mm

Gearbox ratio 1:4

Engine Cuyuna 430H/P (46hp @6800rpm)

Hope thats enough to give some sort of lift figures.

I would be most gratefull if you could let me know what the 'safe' max payload weight would be not including my weight.

Also, is this craft a fat old lady compared to todays standards?

many thanks