Okay, following on from the discussion about the magazine and the website in the cruising forum I thought we could use this thread for chewing over some ideas.

Here's some ideas:

Ability to renew membership on-line - Takes the work off of member services by automating the process. This may mean a few changes to the membership options but I think it will simplify it no end.

Club member only sections of the forum such as technical libraries, back issues of magazines, new magazines published on line (as well as on paper), club documents, cruising launch sites, a member map showing where all the members of the club are, tips and fixes taken from useful threads etc etc.

By making some sections of the forums for members only it becomes a selling tool for gaining new member. If we can show potential new members that if they join the club they get access to technical info, launch sites etc then we can hopefully gain new members. In essence we are adding value to the site and the club.

The use of blogs. This would help to make the magazine man's job easier as he can use sections of the blogs for articles in the magazine. It also is a good way for telling your tales of crafting.

On-line shop. This could be two-fold. For non-members you can buy DVD's, mugs, pens etc. Members can get access to a members only section of the shop for buying race and cruising licences.

I joined the L200 club (I know I know, ). You can sign up and view 2 or 3 forums. You can pay a one off membership fee that then gives you full access to all the forums (tips and tricks, green laning routes, technical library etc etc), it was certainly worth the membership fee IMHO. I cannot see why the same principal cannot be applied to our club.

I have just listed a few ideas above in the hope that they start a good brainstorming session.

Lets see what you guys think...