back of hols and dont recomend travelling around cuba to anyone, total and utter dump!

anyway today at work, one off our graduates gave me a hand to carry the various bits of my new hovercraft, to me car. The grads on our site, have a kinda challenge day to put on, which has a fair bugdet.

The idea would be to challenge say two or three teams of five or six guys, to assembly a hovercraft (from a complete kit) in 48hrs and have a race with each other.

Does anyone think that is feasible, with a full complete kit of parts, (every nut and bolt) and with some expert guidance (maybe asking for volenteers if it happens) can a hover be built in 48hrs.

i recon it can, and with something like a vortex with a bag skirt, (nice and quick to fit) it could be a good laugh.

anyone's comments or offers of help, would be much apprecitated.