Good Morning

I wish to build a model Hovercraft and have bought a 12volt centrifugal fan with the following characteristics

Voltage 12volts

Current 15amps

Electrical power 180 watts

Outlet exhaust velocity 16.7meters per sec

Outlet exhaust area 0.01square meters

Inlet area 0.01 square meters

Inlet velocity 5 meters/sec

Volumetric flow rate (no load) 0.17 cubic meters per second

From this data I would like to be able to calculate the following variables

In a relationship

Gross weight (GW), skirt foot print area(SFA), ride hide (RH)

In the form

Gross weight(GW) in Newtons = Constant K(from above data) times function of SFA & RH

I.e. GW= K(Func(SFA,RH))

I appreciate that I have not expressed this using normal mathematical convention but hope there is enough information for some help in getting an answer.

Many Thanks all

David Hills