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Thread: Mr Key's at it again

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    Default Mr Key's at it again

    For those who know the history of Mr Key, it seems he's been ripping people off again!!

    A colleague of mine who is owed money by Mr Key was quite coincidentally approached by a guy looking for Key. Apparently Key had taken the guys classic Italian car to do some work on it and then disappeared. This is exactly what he did to me 12 years ago with a hovercraft!! This poor guy was cruising the area looking for his car, or Key. He said that the Inland Revenue and police were looking for him too.

    We now discover he has been ripping people off in the RC helicopter world. See their forums....

    It's a miracle this guy hasn't been on Watchdog or Rogue Traders.

    We don't know if he's still got any involvement in hovercraft, let's hope not. But we know he's ripped people off with hovercraft, microlights, engines, cars and now helicoptors. What next?


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    Default Re: Mr Key's at it again

    No Gavin,

    He has not been ripping people off again.

    He never stopped in the first place.

    Looking at the photo does he not remind you of someone "who wanted you to be in his gang!!"

    One day he will get what is well overdue to him.

    Hope the weather holds out for the weekend



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    Default Re: Mr Key's at it again

    You have missed the Karting, and car racing world, oh and the power boat mob. that is before the hover world.

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    Default Re: Mr Key's at it again

    When I had a brush-in with him a few years ago, I found that the police, trading standards etc all had fairly large files on him, but I couldn't get any real evidence of him ever being successfully prosecuted.

    Luckily I managed to get my money back, thanks in no small part to Duncan Hyde, who gave me some very useful information that allowed me to find a way to apply pressure in just the right way.

    I suggest that if anyone does have the misfortune to get caught out by this character that they consider using a bit of subterfuge to find out real addresses of his family, relatives etc and track him down and apply pressure that way. I found that he gave me addresses with post codes that bore no relation to the address given and that letters supposedly written by his lawyers were created on his own PC (he's too dim to understand that Word docs contain metadata!). The same went for addresses used to register his companies - these were either wrong or out of date.

    I've probably still got the data I dug out over a search that lasted a couple of months when I was trying to track him down, if it's of any use. I'm pretty sure I passed this info back to Duncan as well; I know that I gave it to the police and trading standards at the time.


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