For those who know the history of Mr Key, it seems he's been ripping people off again!!

A colleague of mine who is owed money by Mr Key was quite coincidentally approached by a guy looking for Key. Apparently Key had taken the guys classic Italian car to do some work on it and then disappeared. This is exactly what he did to me 12 years ago with a hovercraft!! This poor guy was cruising the area looking for his car, or Key. He said that the Inland Revenue and police were looking for him too.

We now discover he has been ripping people off in the RC helicopter world. See their forums....

It's a miracle this guy hasn't been on Watchdog or Rogue Traders.

We don't know if he's still got any involvement in hovercraft, let's hope not. But we know he's ripped people off with hovercraft, microlights, engines, cars and now helicoptors. What next?