A glimmer of good news amongst the economic woes. Both Ls9 and Amyris have announced they have pilot lab scale plants up and running using genetically engineered bugs to turn sugar cane, wood chips etc into diesel, petrol and aviation fuel- a technical achievement which offers the prospect of not having to get the stuff out of the ground and significantly improving the carbon cycle. For our sport it would mean we could carry on using internal combustion engines without having to convert to alternatives like electric power.

On a related tack apparently diy bio engineering (bio hacking) is now a technical possibility - http://technology.timesonline.co.uk/...ech_and_web/th e_web/article5400645.ece My garden produces an excess crop of leylandii each year. Any would be bio hackers out there willing to turn it into petrol?

- hmm didn't the alchemists have similar ambitions to produce gold 500 years ago?

Happy New Year