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Thread: Irish Hovercraft club AGM

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    Default Irish Hovercraft club AGM

    I know that there are hovercraft fans in Ireland who may not be members of the IHC but who watch this forum. If you would like to take it a step farther or attend the AGM on 23 March, feel free to contact me through the private messaging system.


    David Ryan,



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    Default Re: Irish Hovercraft club AGM

    Hi David
    I just joined the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain, I had been looking at the Irish web site but it is under construction I know this can be a lengthy process so I am hoping to contact you here.

    I have a K & M machine with a Yamaha RD engine, it needs a bit of a rebuild as I got it from a friend that bought it at auction as a running project, however it was a little the worse for wear when I got it, I now intend to recon the machine including the engine. I am living just outside Kinsale and wondered if you have any members (/advisors) in my area?

    I can be contacted on 0214887795 any help or advice would be much appreciated !

    Kind Regards
    Aaron Calvert

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