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Thread: Wedding Surprise - Hovercraft Cruise

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    Smile Wedding Surprise - Hovercraft Cruise

    Dear members, I'm so glad I found this forum...hopefully you won't be angry that I use it for my question!!

    Maybe one of you could help me with this: as my wedding is coming soon (13th of June!!) I would like to give a very special gift to my husband!!! He is very keen on hovercrafts but has never had the chance to go with it or try to handle it. So it would be one of the greatest surprises for him if I could organise such a tour or cruise!! I know it is one of his childhood dreams!!!

    Unfortunately I have no idea how I could do that because buying a hovercraft ist too expensive...

    I really really hope that one of you can help me with that, maybe you have an idea where I could get him a cruise??!! As we used to live in Great Britain for a while getting there would be absolutely no problem. Maybe there is a chance to go on a cruise with you in this summer??!!!

    Thank you very much and with lots of hope in my heart....


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    Default Re: Wedding Surprise - Hovercraft Cruise

    Hi Melanie,

    You could book a day from some of the people here Hovercraft Hire

    or here Flying Fish

    Have a great wedding and let us know how you get on.


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    Smile Re: Wedding Surprise - Hovercraft Cruise

    Thanks a lot!!!!! for this links. I will let you know what I chose.

    I bet he will be thrilled

    bye for now from a happy Mel

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