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Thread: my 1st event ~ Magnols

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    Default my 1st event ~ Magnols

    I wish to thank everyone for a great afternoon at Magnols..
    I live in Blackburn and have seen this event advertised before but never been, I now know what great racing I've missed..
    Well organised event and great competition in all the Classes..
    I bet some good entertainment at night too
    Heres a few photos I managed to capture..

    Hopefully see you again soon


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    Default Re: my 1st event ~ Magnols

    Were back at Magnolls 23-25 of this month.

    See you then!


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    Default Re: my 1st event ~ Magnols

    glad to entertain you - hope to see you in 3 weeks, come and introduce yourself during the paddock open when you can have a walk around

    No1 juniors or No 134 F3 red/black UCLAN racing (the craft in your 2nd pic)


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