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    Default New Memeber says Hello

    Hi all, this has been something I should have done years ago when I first purchased a copy of " Hovercraft the constructors guide"

    Using the guide and a bit of ingenuity, we here in Ireland, are going to attempt to make a craft along the lines of something simple as shown in the guide book i have here.

    Obtaining the fan/blades/hub here will be the hardest part as will the skirt material.

    I have, a 2 minute stroll away, a beach which is empty all year round and when the tide is out you need to walk 3km just to get to the water. Ideal to play hovering on Well it sure beats hitting golf balls about or driving the scooby along the beach (yes we do that here too).

    Any hints and tips would be greatly received and details where I could obtain the necessary mechanics from would be a good start.

    We intend to use a 2 engine set-up (purely cos we have an old briggs and stratton sat here doing nothing) and we'll just find something suitable for the thrust . Maybe I'll just use the 2 litre engine from the scooby

    Hope to chat with many of you over the comming months/years.

    Good Luck


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    Wecome, fellow Atlantic coast hover, Blades, fans, skirt are not a problem, I've probably got some in the shed somewhere. Collect as much information as you can before you start, I'm sure you will get lots of help on here but some will tell you it should be white others black. Can be a bit like Mitsu V Scooby, best to go see some craft before you start and then decide. I'll PM some more info.
    Driving scoobys on the beach, cant be telling people we do that round here , and its not too difficult to hit one with a golf ball either.
    Philip, Kerry Atlantic Coast


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