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Thread: Will this pitch be enough?

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    Default Re: Will this pitch be enough?

    are you making a toy, for scale model people? or do you really want to fly this thing?

    the only way those model aeroplane props will push you along, if is you change your name to luke and use the power of the force to aid in propulsion!

    3-4 people, assuming not made of plastic in a craft made of an upturned foam meat tray, look more at craft with eccess of 50hp for thrust and 15hp pluss for lift. the design of the craft and its size will dictate the engines you require.

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    Default Re: Will this pitch be enough?

    Quote Originally Posted by Flaring Afro View Post
    Na I dont take offense easily, and I'd rather someone be harsh than me build something that could never work.
    In that case I'll have a go as well

    I would suggest that you buy plans and use them to construct a platform for your creation. You shouldn't make any attempt to re-design the lower hull, skirt system or the thrust and lift systems - build them EXACTLY to plan and they will work as specified. You can do whatever you like with the top of the hull provided you keep within the overall weight limits for the design.

    I was wondering though, why are most hovercrafts 1 thrust propeller (or fan) instead of two in an elevan system? .... Also, if I did 2 duct propellers, what would be about the minimal diameter then because its really hard to find any designs to model that have 2 smaller instead of 1 big.
    Some basic thrust theory:

    Thrust is air volume x velocity

    Increasing the amount of air OR the speed at which it is "thrown" backwards will result in more thrust - pretty obvious really

    The amount of power needed to do the job:

    Power = 0.5 x air volume x velocity^2

    From the above is should be obvious that increasing the air velocity causes a large increase in power to develop the same thrust when compared with increasing the volume of air.

    Larger (moves more air volume) or slower (accelerates the air less) fans/props are significantly more efficient than smaller. high velocity fans/props. The performance hit of using a small fan/prop is huge which is why you don't see twin fan/prop craft.

    It is possible to make a practical 3 seat craft with only 20HP but it needs to be very carefully designed and built and you would need extensive hover-engineering knowledge and experience to have any hope of it working (and, I doubt that many on this forum would even attempt it!).

    This is an example of such a craft that you can even buy plans for:

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