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Thread: Gang Warily -TV Ideas

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    Hi Keith,

    forgot to mention, Links posted on Scoobynet, Pistonheads & Saab uk forums



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    Unhappy Re: Gang Warily -TV Ideas

    I have just spoken with a nice Australian lady at the BBC about using footage from the Coast programme.

    She says that if you can find the ID of the programme and email it to them then they will look into it. She did a quick search and could not find a programme ID (neither can I for the episode we want) so she says it is probably unavailable for licensing to us.

    I then got told the cost of licensing the clip if it can be done. 150 for 30 seconds of footage. This would be a 5 year license.

    Will keep digging but this could be a no-go.


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    Hi Keith,

    If this is an advertising campaign to attract new members and live access viewers then reaching the largest possible audience with the least amount of work seems preferable to reaching the smallest audience with the most amount of work. I am not being disparaging of all the effort that goes into making live coverage by internet available, just trying to make the effort/benefit ratio work.

    Bringing people onto the club website can direct them to the live broadcasts, that's a given,
    making them interested enough to get to the club website is what I am thinking of.

    BBC or television in general is the first choice of course and they will have their own agenda that has to be aligned with hcgb agenda without causing conflicts or costing money. My suggestion is scour all the television shows for a program that needs short fast high energy content and then feed them high action colourful mini videos each week of an event that concludes with a chequered flag and a smiling winner* etc all within 30 to 45 seconds or whatever the show programmers suggest.

    First step imho is to give the task of producing these videos to someone who enjoys video editing, then start producing them each week as a library with *action fit for TV* as the main priority. Once the production is established at TV quality , they can then be distributed as far as you like.

    There are enough races each season to provide a mini video each week of "a race" and let the audience know if it was F2 at Claydon House on whatever date etc. The audience is then engaged to discover the differences between the classes as the videos appear each week and develop into a season. There is plenty of scope to widen the content from a start to finish dash, cruising events, amazing uses, and bloopers and spills. The content conclusion does not need to be serious, but the action does.

    I suggest making an initial library of around 50 mini vids so a TV programmer can get a good idea of what is available and can RELIABLY include it as a regular segment.

    At worst the vids will end up on youtube or in the bbc library and that is some benefit anyway.

    The level of advertising that the club puts into each video needs to be worked out with whichever show takes them on, but over a few weeks it will be very plain to the viewers where they are coming from, so less or nil blatant advertising content in each is probably better than more.

    Paulz vids are a good start and popular, although too long for this approach. Getting the best 30 seconds out of each race and stitching it together to form a story about the craft, or the driver, or the course, or the up coming championships etc will be the key to providing variety without each story being too much of an overview of the whole sport.
    The vids also each need a short "voice over introduction" for the presenter to read or use so they sound like they know what they are talking about without having to spend five years in the club to find out naturally. This is a must, nothing worse than a presenter looking stupid on screen or presenting the content out of context or having to squeeze a poor joke out
    it to cover their lack of knowledge. The spiel does not have to be complicated, just accurate and relative to the content.

    with best regards of the effort you already put in,



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