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    Opinions vary on piping the exhaust into the plenum. Over the years I have personally seen several fires and small explosions under the craft as a result. You don't need to pipe this particular exhaust into the plenum just to reduce noise. I've measured this exhaust outlet considerably below the fan (around 10dba) so piping it into the plenum won't make any difference to the overall noise in your case. When you get the exhaust you'll see that if you mount the oval silencer 'vertically' the in and out pipes will fairly easily fit with one going through the hull back wall and the other exhausting to air. You need to check the regs about wether the silencer can overhang the hull though- the Osprey1 has a vertical back wall whereas my F35 has a sloping wall which means the silencer can be within the hull perimeter (just)
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