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Thread: softening resin

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    Styrene has no apparent affect on cured resins. It is not a strong solvent (although it does promote corrosion in copper and copper alloys). It is sometimes recommended to "reactivate" gel coat during repairs of light scratches. *If* this works, the styrene would only act on the outer molecules of the cured resin surface. No good for Tony's problem.

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    If you find anything, loads of GRP company's will bite your hand off..

    I made the mistake of forgetting to clean a Gel/ catalyst mixer pipe put on a spray gun when i was a laminator...

    Cost me a verbal warning, and a day spent cleaning all the spray guns .. never did it again though...

    Once resin has cured, thats it...

    We were looking for something similar to break down potting over pcb,s some years back, still haven't found anything, (not that it matters now)

    Of note though, there are systems out there for recovering acetone / so it can be reused. its not as solvent loaded as the virgin stuff, but if you use acetone on a large scale, can save some money



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