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Thread: Re-Think

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    OK, will try that, thanks.
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    The Home Page is a bit like the BBC one showing the up-to-date info or top stories that are on different parts of the site.

    If we had less forums then posts would disappear quicker as the user has less choices of forums to post to so posts in the same forum giving it many many many pages thus threads would drop off the bottom quicker. True you would know that it could only be in one of three forums but you would still have to trawl through page after page to find it! It is the way forums work I'm afraid (even the old one).

    There is a plug in available for the site that enables each individual user to tailor the homepage to their liking by dragging the boxes around into the order they want them in (a bit like the BBC page and the iGoogle Homepage). It's the next step up from what we have at the moment where you can minimise and maximise the boxes but not move them around.

    All comments are welcome and are going on a list so the site can be tweaked and improved for the membership.


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