Whilst standing in relatively constant rain and wind I remarked, "we must be all mad"! The reply of "Yes but OH SO BRITISH", perhaps summed up this event. Weather best decribed as "unfortunate" did not deter the enthusiasts (insane) and although I returned home after only 24 hrs to reduce my moisture settings, I now know what its like to ride in a SEVTEC in an estuary hailstorm piloted by a most capable pilot (NATHAN).
Moist we were but safe and smiling, we returned. Thats got to be a good test.
I also hope my *1 st birthday cake does not cause too many low speed manouvering problems, (walking through doorways etc). I now have much to consider during the winterous nights. I too hope we are allowed to live alongside the various grasses that frequent these shores but in OUR defence; THEY have it all to themselves for 363 days a year, so one weekend, in one small (presumably regenerating) area does not seem unreasonable. I have always found wild-lifes response to our hobby to resemble mild disinterest / disdain. Clearly extreme disrespect towards nature can only harm nature (and us, in turn). Optimisticaly I believe we can and must co-exist with our fabulous surroundings.
Many thanks to; Bryan White and Ian Brookes for hard work, guidance (and bravery!) Kind Regards to all, Nick FLINT