This comes from another forum where members are desperately trying to get enough people to click and add balloons to Millie's house in order to win a competition to send this little girl to Disneyland Paris.

Millie Mackenzie is only 6 years old and has had a torrid time this year following an operation in January to control her epilepsy, already she has had shunts placed and removed, numerous lumber punctures and anaesthetics. She is on the road to recovery now and has had no seizures since her op.

However, Millie has never even had a birthday party (due to 20 plus fits per day her entire short life) and a holiday would really help her and her family bounce back from an extremely stressful year. Millie has been entered into this competion to win a trip to Disneyland Paris and you can help send her there by clicking on the link below.

Name on the balloon is 'Kelly' who is Millie's mum and her nickname in the competition is Babybelle

The idea is for as many people as possible to add a balloon to Millie's house so she wins the trip.

Please forward this to your family and friends, and just click to add another balloon each day, you can send a balloon every day until the closing date in late November.

If you check out the 'high flyers' tag, you will see at this time that Millie whose name on the high flyers tag is 'babybelle' is No 1 in the running. Let's keep here there because there is competition coming!

Thanks to everyone who helps.