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Thread: No variety?

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    Default No variety?

    It's interesting watching the winter Olympics and hearing how sports have evolved. Just see how many different things you can do with skis, downhill racing, jumps, cross-country, pusuit, relay, sprint, Moguls etc.
    The same can be said of motorsport. Just see how many different motorcycling sports there are.

    Strange that hovercraft sport hasn't evolved from circuit racing at all. Obviously there used to be hover-cross but that was really only a once a year "fun" event wasn't it.

    Clearly this must come down to availability of venues and inland sites are hard to find.

    Why haven't craft evolved from either being an inland circuit racer or a cruiser?

    Possibly a cross-country type of craft could have evolved for use on parts of 4x4 courses, maybe tank training grounds or similar.
    How about hover jumping? There's plenty of unplanned and short jumps going on but how about making them longer and measured?

    Gulley hopping time trials on coastal sites?

    Just a thought.

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    Default Re: No variety?

    Having been marshalling for the last couple of events in 2009 I've seen a few intresting manoevres that would attract serious style and degree-of-difficulty points.



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