We the club have been appoached by a Mr David Williams. This man organises a festival in Evesham. This takes place from 11th to the 13th of June on the banks of the river Avon.
At the event there will be classic cars, super cars and other car clubs. As well as live music all weekend a large fun fair , hot air balloons, firework display, night glow to music..........and a bar!!. All this for FREE.
This year the organisers wanted a different theme which will involve us. We have been given a large area in the centre of the meadow to do our stuff. David Kemp has agreed to do his thing with the punters which is great. The crusiers we are hoping to have river access. Its a nice fresh water river for a change. Restrictions i,m sure will apply as ever.
This will be a great family weekend with lots to do. Just bring a craft to use or just to display and enjoy the weekend.
This means the club needs your help. It is rare we get an oppertunity to have access to this much free advertising to 12 to 15 thousand people. The world champs are just around the corner and a golden oppertunity to spread the word of our club.
All i,m asking for is a min of 10 craft. Five racing five cruising not much to ask. Please do not leave this to the usual suspects many hands and all that!!!!!.
So whos up for a great weekend.