Hi there

Ever since I was teenage I've loved the idea of building myself a 3/4 seater cruising hovercraft. Although I had the space and some of the tools when I was a teenager, I never had the money. Now I've got the money, I live in a second storey flat so I haven't the space.. however the pull is still strong.

Long story short - I'm thinking it could be a good summer project to build something. I've no particular skills in joinery or mechanics - I can put up a set of ikea shelves - but life's all about learning.

Obviously, until I'm sure I'm going to be doing this, I don't want to spend too much money joining the club, but could I be cheeky and ask if anyone has any advice on good designs, or hints and tips before I get started looking for a suitably large lockup to build the thing?

I'm in Glasgow so if there are any local groups, I'd love to come and meet up - didn't see any on the map page but it's got to be worth asking!

Anyway thanks in advance for any and all helpful comments!