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Thread: Training Weekend

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    Default Training Weekend


    Congratulations to those who completed the Training Weekend.

    You are now invited to apply for your PLS1 license!

    License Application


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    Default Re: Training Weekend

    I would also like to add my congrats to the trainees - the standard was particularly high this year.

    We had 12 craft on the cruise today.

    Some pics:
    training event 011.jpg
    Sunday sermon on the wonders(!) of the Severn by the most reverend B White

    training event 014.jpg
    Lunch stop somewhere up the Severn

    These chaps really need a hovercraft! The hassle and potential for disaster when launching like this this must be very high indeed (and the tide was only half way out at this point).
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    Can I add my thanks for a superbly organised and most enjoyable weekend. A huge amount of work behind the scenes by Ian, Bryan and John - and Peter - well run and a real credit to the Cruising Committee.

    And full marks to John for driving half the length of the UK to help !

    Well done guys!


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    Smile Re: Training Weekend

    Indeed - thanks to everyone very good weekend and cruise....... except for the plough-ins!
    Kind Regards


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    Smile Re: Training Weekend

    Cant begin to thank everyone for such a great weekend- organisers, instructors and fellow plough'ees.

    Great intro to the actuality of the sport by Bryan and co. and a whole list of mods and suggestions for our shiny new BBV: (emergency purchase #1- Kneepads!).

    Both Carla and myself still grinning like kids and sore all over. Next step the PLS1 licence. Now what was that handsignal for 'Need Assistance'?.

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    Default Re: Training Weekend

    And I need to add my personal thanks to all the instructors & helpers without whom such an event could not be put on, especially John who traveled such a long way.

    Also thanks are due to the "Class of '10" who were superb and made it such a pleasure!

    Many thanks to all
    Ian Brooks
    Gloucester, UK

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    Default Re: Training Weekend

    Great weather and a superb traing weekend. I would like to thank all the club members who gave up their weekend to run the training, I only hope you got as much out of it as I think all the trainee's did.
    Now time to do a few mods before the next cruise.
    Thanks again and hopefully see you all soon.

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    Default Re: Training Weekend

    just my little note to say thank you for a great weekend, i learned a lot and feel a lot more confident .
    cheers to all who made it possible

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