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Thread: New girl! :)

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    Although I live right on the Forth, I won't be using the hovercraft out on the water too much and won't be going far out either so reliability isn't too much of a concern for me (obviously the less it breaks the better but at least I won't be miles out to sea when it happens!)

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    Hi Haley,

    Welcome to the club, I'm quite new but enjoying the experience! One thing I would like to say is venturing too far from the shore isnt the problem with a breakdown, any boat/jetski etc can tow you from 2 miles out to see to near the shore, the breakdown problem is more local to the shore. Getting the craft from the edge of the water (as far as a boat can go) to a trailer. Often this is across mud or a rocky beach where nothing except a working hovercraft can go........

    I think the worst breakdown would be getting stuck on mud - miles from anywhere, for example on the medway in Kent. Something that could so easily happen if you don't keep on top of maintenance.

    So far I've only been out on organised events through the club and have had a few breakdowns, 2 minor and one major, the biggest help is from other club members out with you whose experience and skills are life and craft saving.....

    Enjoy the hover experience - it really is amazing.


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    Hi Haley,

    If you build a craft, build it to be reliable. Breaking down is a real pain or worse. There is not much more involved in making a good hovercraft, a lot of it is in the detail. You'll get lots of tips and advice on here. Enjoy the journey.



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