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Thread: Anemometer for Measuring Thrust?

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    Default Anemometer for Measuring Thrust?

    Probably a laughably naive question but is it possible to use an anemometer at a set distance from the outer edge of the duct to measure thrust? I don't need an absolute figure; just a comparison between blade pitches...

    Let me know once you've all finished laughing!

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    Default Re: Anemometer for Measuring Thrust?

    the anemometer will measure the velocity of the air but that in itself is not enough

    strapping it to a tree with a set of weighing scales is a good method but just use it as a comparison i.e. more or less than last time

    good luck


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    Default Re: Anemometer for Measuring Thrust?

    tip: dont tie it to a farmers fence post and bend the post out of the ground! pesky f3 boys

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