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Thread: Claydon Live

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    Quote Originally Posted by TechieRoss View Post
    I have the same here....
    and here, tried several times during the day, Firefox and Chrome.

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    Found the prob. As you will see we're now using a new improved live page (courtesy of Cathy Godicheau) but part of the ELS 'auto upload of pointstables & laptimes subsystem' was unhelpfully uploading an old (and non working) version of the page every few minutes. I couldn't understand why I fixed the prob (several times) and it kept reappearing!

    My thanks to Jim Lyne, Video Director in the new 'Red Car Studios', Roger Drew, Richard Green and Jake Cooper for all their hardwork on production. Sorry many of you didn't get to see it live but its now going up on replay Well worth a watch!!

    Claydon is an interesting course to cover - go up high and the trees get in the way, stay low and you can see under them. For the craft the medieval ploughing makes it incredibly bumpy and the wind was interesting at times. But at least now good 3G access is available there we don't have to tap into a nearby houses adsl landline as we did last year.

    Off to Germany now for next weekend, lets see what technical and production challenges that throws up - DIN standard anyone......?

    Keith Oakley

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    Thanks for all the hard work you and your team put in to bring us the races Keith, for the limited/no budget you have the results are amazing. I doubt I am alone in understanding the technical problems you have to overcome every time you bring us the races. Thank you again and it is very much appreciated

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