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Thread: Lift problems

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    Question Re: Lift problems

    Fitted new pulley & belt, still seems high revs to get going, tried it in 5th gear with 50 degree pitch , started to lift at about 7000rpm but took up to 10,000 rpm to get moving, once going could ease back to 9000rpm but engine started to overheat, someone mentioned a 35 degree pitch in 6th gear , would reducing the pitch allow the revs to drop ? Also steering seems to be non existent ( or is that normal )

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    for a first flight, yes. it is normal to have no control. Take the advice, start at 30 deg in 6th. Always use the highest gear you can, rather have the blade angle less than the gear ration not right, you will not get the most out of the motor if the ratio is wrong.

    Chuck it in 6th and then bring the blade angle down a work up slow till you get the revs you want, it should easily rev once the blades are set low, if you rev past what you want, then just change the blade angles a bit and have another go. It will take some time of fiddling but you will get a feeling of how far to move the blades as you go.
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    Thank's very much I'll give it a try (fingers crossed )

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