Sealand Hovercraft was founded in 1969 at sealand industrial estate,
Queensferry,North Wales.Finance for production at Millom was
arranged,and to this end,the company moved into English Industrial
Estates property at Devonshire Road,Millom,in 1971.The pre-production
craft,Sealand sh2-01 first operated on 22nd Nov.1971 followed by 002
21st June 1972. Craft were supplied to Brazil,Australia,Nigeria,
Russia,Israel, and Pakistan.
On the 26th July 1974, the first stretched SH2-025, a 10 seat craft,
commenced trials, This craft was by adding in a 63" centre section.
Subsequent craft, up to number 038, were built with 72" centre section
added. Craft 039 was the first SH2-5, with a fully moulded length and
with metal-framed doors on both sides of the cabin. Two craft of this
type were sold before production ceased and the assets sold in september
Sealand Hovercraft employed on average 85+ persons during its short
In march 1977,the successor to Sealand Hovercraft, Tropimere Limited,
trials its first craft, a Sealand SH2-4,for Spain, followed by another
SH2-4 for Kuwait. In November 1977,the first Tropimere Dash 7 was operated.
This craft was a Sealand hull with initially a Mazda,then a Rover V8 engine,
driving a single propeller.
In April 1978, trials commenced of the Tropimere Dash 6. Still a Sealand
hull, but widened and powered by two engines, with a capacity for 20 people.
In 1982, Tropimere moved production to Hamble on Solent and Hovercraft
activities in Millom,ceased.
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