Hi, I'm new, and I've been recommended here by Griffon
I'm 17, from the Wirral, and for my A2 design and technology project this year I'm building an 8x4ft dual engined craft for use on land and water. The hull will be made from fibreglass.

The base is a sheet of marine plywood (1" thick). It'll be a jet ski seating arrangement, and I'm hoping for it to carry 3 people - but the smallest hovercraft i can find is around 10x6ft...

The lift engine is a 125cc 15hp@9500rpm Vespa engine; and thrust comes from a Fuji Robin EC34 330cc 32hp@6500rpm with a 4:1 induction.

I'm looking into skirt materials, and I'm thinking of making a bag skirt out of polyurethane material - I've also been considering making a catamaran setup, having 2 skirts, with 2 equal fans powering it - until you steer, when one will lose a little bit of its air supply to make the craft lean to the inside of the turn.

My research so far involves making lots of model hovercraft, one remote control, and going to visit New Brighton RNLI hovercraft - a Griffon 470TD.

I'm starting to collect parts for it now, and the deadline is mid March.
The whole project is being funded by business sponsorship and donations from inividuals, and after only a few weeks I've got quite a sum to make the most of.
I've got a team of motorbike engineers from a local college, and they're the source of the Vespa engine. They're also looking at getting the fabrication students involved to make engine mounts, and maybe propellers and impellers.

So I'd like any ideas or advice put forward please - or criticisms of my design so far.