HI All, I have set the dates for the North West Highland cruise 2011.

I have given this a lot of thought as it is going to coincide with the Southern Ireland cruise weekend. I would have liked to have gone across to the Ireland event, but the cost of the ferry has put me off. So I have decided to have the North West Scottish cruise from Saturday July 23rd until Sunday August the 7th inclusive. Yep its a long one.

I have chosen these dates as it gives people from all over, the opportunity to come & cruise for a few days or the whole fifteen days. The kids are on holiday up here in Scotland & down South which is a help to anyone with kids in school. Hopefully the weather will be favorable that time of year, but there is plenty of places of interest you can visit by car if the weather is too bad to cruise.

Any one is welcome who has a hovercraft capable of being used safely in tidal waters.

I will post more details shortly of campsites, B&B's & hotels with contact details. This info will also be posted on my website.