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Thread: BBV FOR SALE (lets try again)

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    Default Re: BBV FOR SALE (lets try again)

    Quote Originally Posted by rhodes5577 View Post
    didn't know u had an F2 kicking about.

    you must have a hovergraveyard like some other "enthusiasts" in the club seem to have.

    I think theres a saying - "old hovercraft don't die, they just get heavier"?

    theres no graveyard at our works - I have a very nice 12" saw that chops up crap!!

    Anyway- hope to see you and the F2 then at Rother John.

    kind regards.
    i/we will be there but not sure if i will be racing.

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    Default Re: BBV FOR SALE (lets try again)

    john stop being chicken sh++ dont worry about that drive shaft under your nuts.
    the mojo will soon be back.get out there in f2

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