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    Just back from a very enjoyable AGM weekend at a packed hotel in the heart of the English Countryside. Great social scene - I particularly enjoyed the innovative table games even though the quiz was a bit challenging! - well done to Jo and her organising team.

    At the AGM I was personally very pleased to see the clear support from the membership for the club continuing to support a wide range of recreational hovercraft activities, just as it always has. It was confirmed that the club would need an Extraordinary General Meeting agreement to, for example, confine itself to only supporting racing. Given the reaction of the membership present I doubt that will ever happen. It was good to hear that the finances remain excellent, buoyed up by the profits made by last years Worlds which will be ploughed back into improving the clubs activities over the next few years. Thats a tribute to all the hard work lots of members put in to making the Worlds such a success, despite the weather. It was also great news that membership numbers remain buoyant, with less than 3% of the membership reported leaving to persue their interests elsewhere. I look forward to the revitalised Council, with its new Chairman, moving the club forward - I'm particularly impressed with the ideas in the pipeline for new forms of recreational hovering activities and the imminent announcement of an affordable annual insurance policy for recreational hovering.

    Keith Oakley

    This thread got moved to a member only section. I think its important that non members hear this news so I've reposted it on a public board.
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