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Thread: Scottish race venue

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    Default Scottish race venue

    I know I have said this in the past, but if I was able to find a race venue for central Scotland for the 2012 season would anyone be interested in

    Racing at the event?

    Help to organise & set the event up?

    Would the HCGB help to fund and back the event?

    I can't be the only one in Scotland that wants to race hovercraft.

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    Default Re: Scottish race venue

    Your best bet would be to talk to Competitions Committee, they can guide you in what you need to know etc


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    Default Re: Scottish race venue

    I'm guessing that due to travel it would best off in the school holiday period so people could make a long weekend of it. (porbably me just stating the obvious)

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    Default Re: Scottish race venue

    I would suggest that you find out what support you have that you could rely on locally.
    The club does not put on events.
    It supports those who do and therefore there has to be a local input.

    Also a point to consider is that all race meetings are usually self funding.
    Not wishing to be negative but putting together a race meeting at a new event is not something to undertake lightly.

    We can talk it over when we meet up in Midgeland.



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    Default Re: Scottish race venue

    Hi, I agree with kipmac's comments.

    That said if you are determined then go for it. If you are good at organising its not so bad. Midlands branch have helped and given guidance for hacketts lake which is now all in place.

    I'd suggest half term week as the weather tends to be more pleasant in May from my own experience and the goddam midges aren't out then.

    Also I think you'd maybe think about making it a mid week event to give those going a day or 2 to get there, relax, do the racing mid week and then return from Friday onwards dependant upon travel distance.

    I'm not sure how many would be prepared ( or able) to take a full week off work?

    The one big factor however is how many racers would be prepared to travel what for some will be a very long trip. If we did this from Nottingham we'd have to look at who actually even goes as taking 3 vehicles caravans trailers etc all that way will be a big expence.

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    Default Re: Scottish race venue

    Hi Al,

    first stop is this document here:

    Which outlines the requirements and what is and isn't (equipment and personnel) provided by the HCGB.

    If you are still up for it then contact the Competitions Commitee to discuss budgets etc and contact the Diary Secretary to discuss dates.

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    Default Re: Scottish race venue

    Hi Al,

    If I can help, please pm me. I think you are developing a great idea.

    Possibly think about laying on a fun day / training day at the proposed site this year to attract local hovercraft owners as well as test out the site. There will be some club members who will come from further south to help as well as have a bit of fun. It will also iron out most problems and engage a number of hovercraft enthusiasts as a nucleus to help you.
    Keith Rhodes has created Hackett's lake event from scratch with the support of a large number of branch members. Kevin Foster will help you with the rules/regs etc.

    Call me if it will help.


    Chris and the boys

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