New to forum and hovercraft. Went to charity event at Dunsfold - Dads Day Out where as well as supercar and caterham 7 rides there were rides on a Flying Fish hovercraft.

I was somewhat suprised how just 2 up (me about 75kg, their pilotabout same.. the craft seemed to have trouble flying over the rough mown grass of the airfield. Grass about 2 - 3 inches high (50-75mm) but the craft would only fly at about walking speed (not the 20mph I was expecting). One patch had been mown a bit lower like a football pitch and there it went better and the pilot span it round etc. One of the chaps there said the quoted speeds of 30+ mph would only be on the tarmac runway!

I know I don't have the details of the model of the craft, other than a flying fish and not a hoverpod as advertised on the DadsDayOut website, but is this typical, such a slowing down with what I would call rough cut grass field. My ignorance but I thought they would go on grass, mud and sea.

One of the people there mentioned the hovercraft.org.uk website by the way.