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    Default World Hovercraft Suggestions

    OK it's gone 3am, can't sleep, but i've been thinking how can the Worlds/Europeans/UK/USA racing be better aligned

    first start with a policy - anyone with a hovercraft that meets regulations should be allowed to participate

    Suggestion 1 - F1 continue as flagship unlimited formula, all other craft race in open race classes based on time trials results, no small grids, nobody is excluded, all will be racing against similar speed craft so exciting close racing

    Suggestion 2 Broader Formula classifications by engine Hp not cc

    Formula 60 - up to 60Hp (would include F503, F1X, F50, F3 new breed 450 4 strokes, new engine developments like Owen's supercharged F35's - thinks this would make a very interesting, developing formula )

    Formula 150 - up to 150Hp (covers most F2's and FS's without being silly)

    Formula 1 over 150Hp (flagship formula)

    Formula 4 stroke - up to 35Hp industrial 4 stroke (many USA craft)

    Juniors race F60 or 4 stroke

    Cadet class ? like USA entry level - safe but not too slow

    Endurace class - endurance compulsory part of any world championships current rules relating to noise/fuel consumption excellent

    Suggestion 3 form a new World Federation which has inclusivity and fairness as it's core and start from there - the UK and USA do this well, no picking and choosing by host nations

    just my opinion Tony
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