I have two (2) Kawasaki ZXR400 engines.

These are 398 cc DOHC, 4 cylinder and generate 62 hp (45.6 kW) at 12,500 rpm.

They are complete with gearboxes, carbs, exhausts and electrics. I even have a service manual for them. They have been stored in a de-humidified workshop for years.

Before I put them on ebay, offers are invited from HCGB members. I originally got them thinking of putting one in a F3 racer and having the other as a spare. Obviously they are heavier than TZR250s but they are more powerful and they'd be a lot more reliable. If you can find a suitable 50cc 2 stroke or 100 cc 4 stroke, you could use that as a lift engine, one of these as the thrust and still be in F3. I don't see why they wouldn't work in a cruiser as well.

Nick Long
07760 176 116