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Thread: Swimmer's

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    Quote Originally Posted by broad5186 View Post

    too many craft out there have inadequate buoyancy


    Float test should be 10 minutes and should be done every year, not just once at initial scrutineering. IMHO.


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    This has been a controversial subject for decades.
    The only way to test if a craft floats is to TOTALLY flood it which may be a water level just about or above the engine carb intake.

    Not a very desirable test just before practice!!

    The scrutineers have NO choice but to accept the word of the craft owner.

    If it sinks it is your problem apart from possible pollution from escaping fuel,etc.
    Any craft I have ever built will float for 10 years let alone 10 minutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by broad5186 View Post
    it can be almost the duration fo a race as in the case of my daughter at Hackett Lakes a couple of weeks ago - she fell in 1/2 a lap into the race and stayed there with the craft until almost the end when the race was Red flagged for another swimmer who was suspected injured - the second swimmer was rescued first, then my daughter, then the craft itself so the craft had been floating for 15 mins or so (and didn't sink cos there's plenty buoyancy in them)

    so you can be in there a while

    tony I dont think the second swimmer was rescued first. they managed to get back in the craft themself.
    pretty sure they went for laura first.
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    oh yes - i remember now - but they did leave my craft out there whilst they took laura in with her injured shoulder - huh - priorities please, craft first so dad can get ready for the next race

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    From the point of view of an x racer and experienced racer and now boat recovery crew, we keep an eye on evey swimmer and try to access if they may be injured, unconscious or healthy and able to restart. The red flag has to be called to allow the boat to safely deploy. If the driver seems to be ok and the craft is stable and not blocking the course then the judgement call is to allow racing to continue.

    The main point is to look after the driver first,keeping in mind the safety of boat crew, marshalls and the other drivers and then to recover the craft afterwards unless the driver is fit enough to help recovr thier own craft.

    The hardest decision is whether or not to red flag a race, so we usually pause for thought and access the situation. All marshalls are on radio and rely on each other to relay information and make the very hard judgement calls when one of the drivers gets it wrong.

    Hope that helps

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    I raced 1977-81 and this conversation could be from then! My eccles would float waterlogged, BUT, the rear, including the ducts, would be completely under water. I seem to remember the drill was to jump out into the water, swim round the back, and tread water holding the back of the craft up!! And I built mine with a foam sandwidge floor to help with stiffness and boyancy.
    So, the craft passed scrutineering because it would float, but that didn't help much in any practical way other than being able to see the front 18 inches of the hull to know where it was!!


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